ICCR Programms and Reports

Programms and Reports of the International Conferences on Consumer Research (ICCR)

The documentations of the ICCR 2016 and 2014 are online. You will find the original Programme Books and the Session Reports, written by young academics from North Rhine-Westpahlia. The ICCR were organized by the Competence Center of Consumer Research North Rhine-Westphalia (CECORE NRW).


ICCR-LogoTo bolster consumer research’s position as an interdisciplinary subject, scientists are supported by CECORE and awareness for research activities of North Rhine-Westphalian scientists is raised on the national, european and international level.  CECORE optimizes knowledge transfers through publications and communicating research results. The Consumer Research Network NRW (Netzwerk Verbraucherforschung NRW) established by CECORE already has over 300 members who support consumer research as a joint, inter- and transdisciplinary subject. It has succeeded in winning over scientists who may work on consumer-related topics, but are not in touch with consumer research. Nearly 800 people follow CECORE on Twitter and its newsletter has 360 subscribers. Since 2011, nine workshops and one expert forum with a total of 540 Science for a good consumer policy 11
participants have been conducted.

The results of the workshops have been documented in seven volumes of the series “Contributions to Consumer Research” and an anthology published in cooperation with the State Center for Political Education. The majority of publications were successfully published via Open Access. Through the means provided by the Ministry of Science for CECORE, it was possible to begin expanding our capacities: From 2012 to 2017, twenty young scientists were awarded through the means of the Ministry of Science. 28 project proposals were sponsored whose findings were made publicly available via Open Access.

The ICCR provides an opportunity for empirical studies to be presented, but is also supposed to further the establishment of the theoretical foundations for consumer research.

ICCR 2016 | The 21st Century Consumer: Vulnerable, Responsible, Transparent?
September 26-27, 2016 at the Wissenschaftszentrum Bonn, Germany

ICCR 2014 | Challenges for Consumer Research and Consumer Policy in Europe
September 29-30, 2014 at the LVR-LandesMuseum Bonn, Germany